End of Labor Day, and Beginning of Change

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As Labor Day ends, the world says good bye to the summer and look forward to the autumn. The holidays are coming, festivals of harvest are common in a number of cultures, and the northern hemispheres start to cool.

WIth this fall I have started a new job and the University of Utah as an instructor, and a new vision for the small back yard my family has. The yard has been slowly degrading since the sprinkler system had broken and as we had rebuilt the inside of our humble house, the outside has been sorely neglected.

We have started by planting some grape vines on the south side of the house to help control the heat in the summer. We have also removed a failed garden plot on the west side of our garage in preparation for a new patio. The current covered patio is planned as a new addition to the house, and half of the former back lawn will be planted as a new garden. The remaining lawn that will be replanted this fall will be a space for a swing set for our son.

This begins a new goal in micro-farming that I am flirting with at the moment. I hope to find a way to grow more tropical plants in the Utah climate without overly using resources. We shall see, as we try to develop a technique.