New Apple Set-Top Device Coming Soon: iTV!

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Yes! Finally, something that I have wanted for ever is coming in the first quarter of 2007! It was announced here in a small section, but it basically covers the intention of Apple to release a wireless device that will allow you to watch movies from a computer. The interface is much like Front Row, and it uses the Apple remote control. Basically, it's yet another device to attach to your TV, like your VCR, Cable box, DVD player, etc.

The good news is that it has a wireless connection to your computer, so there isn't a long cable, or you don't have to have your computer sitting next to your TV. And, for those of us who have young kids that tend to break DVD's, we are able to still watch the shows while keeping the DVD's locked up and away from little fingers.

It is also slated to be sold for $299.00, which is a lot cheaper than building a media computer center just to watch movies, or released TV shows. That is the real strength for this device. It actually makes me want to buy TV episodes and movies from the iTunes Store, instead of going out and buying the DVD. The price is cheaper than a DVD in most cases, and those I want on DVD for preservation I can back up on my Macintosh. Needless to say, I'm quite thrilled with this development, and I hope you all will be as well.

I'm counting down to the day!