The Exciting New Day!!

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Today is the day that I started my new job at the University of Utah. Now that I have started, I have a better understanding of what will be expected of me. Starting this Spring (2007) the University Technical Education department will have training courses on the Mac. We need to work on getting those courses developed and running by that time.

We are currently at ground zero, getting the materials together, building a Mac lab, and organizing the classes in such a way as to qualify for a Training Center through Apple. For those of you who know me, this is almost like a dream come true. Not only am I going to be teaching classes at a University, but I will also be teaching classes on the Macintosh.

I have already set up my Macintosh on the wireless network, and use it for my communication hub. I also have started gathering materials for OS X Server as I will be teaching the technical end of the experience, while the other instructor just hired, Debbie (and she's Great!), will be teaching the applications (iLife, Final Cut Pro, etc.). For those of you interested in learning about the Mac, I hope you keep the U in mind. If this succeeds, we will be the only training facility within the Intermountain West, north of Las Vegas.