2007 Archives

  1. Steam Airship Progress
  2. Apple Training V: The Final Impressions
  3. Apple Training IV: Auditory Learners and Cognitive Load
  4. Apple Training III: Weekend Break
  5. Apple Training II: Support Essentials Impressions
  6. Apple Training: The 10.5 Upgrade Process in Austin
  7. Leopard and the Secure NFS Share
  8. The Mark of a Good Local Politician
  9. Fedora on the Mac Pro, Partitioning with Leopard
  10. Triboot Saga Continues: Mac 10.5, Windows XP, and Fedora 8 on a MacBook Pro
  11. Scrivener Gold: Free Writing Software for the Mac
  12. The Adventures of Leopard: Upgrading 3 machines to 10.5
  13. Election Time, Get Out And Vote! And A Final Note On Vouchers
  14. Week Roundup: Airship Progress and the Rumored Apple PDA
  15. Public vs. Private School Debate: Are Vouchers Really Worth It?
  16. New SEO Evaluation: Johndaughters.com
  17. Airship Progress: The Boiler Setup
  18. Book Review: War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells
  19. University of Utah to Offer Certification Exams For Credit!
  20. Big News from Apple: Leopard Release and iPhone SDK
  21. School Vouchers Revisited
  22. Vouchers, The Arguments
  23. So Far A Good Week: Projects and Relief
  24. A Steam-Powered Model Airship Project
  25. University of Utah Technology and Gaming Fair
  26. The Allure of Steampunk
  27. Slow Boot Process on Mac? Try Clearing PVRAM
  28. Triboot Saga Continues: The New Discoveries
  29. I'm Alive and Feeling Like a Kraut
  30. How to Rebuild a Nation
  31. TriBoot Saga: The Imaging Blues
  32. New iPod Line for Apple: Initial Reaction
  33. Tri-Boot Mac OS X, Windows XP, and Ubuntu: Success!
  34. Search Engine Optimization: Consulting!
  35. Weekend Adventure: Watermelon Sorbet
  36. History in the (re)Making: Chavez and the End to Term Limits
  37. Consolidation of Electronics: What I Use and Don't Use
  38. Exciting New Announcement: iWork '08
  39. Snorkeling in Utah? The Bonneville Sea Base
  40. Getting Published: The Goal and Process
  41. Google Docs: A Review
  42. Google and the Open Wireless Networks Goal
  43. Drought Resistant Gardening: Xeriscaping
  44. The Holy Grail for Apple TV: External USB Storage
  45. The Division of Government and it's Advantage
  46. AT&T and the Activation Scare for iPhone
  47. The Last Week in Review
  48. Past the Euphoria: Why I Want to Wait for the iPhone
  49. MacBook Pro with Mac OS X Server Installed: Why It's Not Supported
  50. Vacation post: Local Government, and iPhone Hype
  51. Open Letter to Salt Lake County Mayor: Regarding the Utopia Project and County Acceptance
  52. Utopia: The Mysterious Promise
  53. Reliability and Validity within Assessment: Reaction
  54. Criteria and Standards
  55. Learning Management Systems: Open Source is Still Best
  56. The Cob Project, and Nature at the U
  57. Distance Education and Technology: The Cyber City
  58. The Utah Scottish Festival and Highland Games
  59. The Quest for Standardized Certificates
  60. Server Essentials and the Cob Project Revisited
  61. Open Letter to West Valley City: A Bike Trail going East and West
  62. The High Adventures of West to East Cycling
  63. Recipe for a Successful Representative Government
  64. Jacques Chirac: An Impressive Leader, and Open Letter to Nicolas Sarkozy
  65. Book Review: 46 Pages: Thomas Paine, Common Sense, and the Turning Point to Independence
  66. What Social Networking means to the Introvert
  67. Fun with NetBoot: NetInstall Durations
  68. Web Analysis: Looking at International Query Results
  69. Building with Cob: Update
  70. Apple TV: The Review
  71. Calendar, Email, Tasks, and Projects 2: A New App
  72. Designing a Castle
  73. Calendar, Email, Tasks, and Projects: The Exchange Dilemma
  74. Friday Round Up: Leopard Delay, Apple TV, Building with Cob
  75. Seasonal Storms and Water Conservation
  76. Friday Round Up: Kerberos, Hydroponics
  77. Apple TV: The Potential Disked Thin Client
  78. Weekend Project 3: Final count and Hydroponics
  79. Mac OS X Server 10.5: A Nice Setup
  80. Weekend Project 2: Preparing for the Foundation
  81. Marathon Bike Ride: U of U to West Valley City
  82. The Weekend Garden Project
  83. Urban Farming: The beginning of the Project
  84. Spam Comments: Coming of Age in a Blog
  85. Cultivating Life: New Show on KUEN
  86. Apple Certifications: Quick Blurb about Server Essentials
  87. Career Fair: What Employers Want
  88. Building with Cob 5: The Wrench in the Works
  89. Airport Extreme: Maximize The Potential for Apple TV
  90. Self Sufficient Farming: The Dream
  91. Building with Cob 4: Additional Resources
  92. Building with Cob 3: Architect Reply
  93. Building with Cob 2: The Reply, and the Next Step
  94. Building with Cob: The Permit Process
  95. Neolithic Briton Vacation Spots: Finds at Stonehenge
  96. Getting Ready For Spring: The Building Project
  97. Respect and the World Today: What Should It Mean?
  98. Book Review: The Celts : A History
  99. Apple ][: Return to Cupertino
  100. Learning Styles: A New Perspective
  101. Apple iPhone Revisited: The Keynote Presentation
  102. Apple iPhone: Phone or PDA?
  103. This Week: Macworld Expectations
  104. Technology Advances since starting my Master's Degree