Building with Cob 5: The Wrench in the Works

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Today I heard back from the city, and found out that my current project as planned would not be acceptable, and therefore we would not be able to enclose our porch. This was a pretty big blow, particularly since I was looking forward to building a really nice cob enclosure.

But, does this mean that I need to give up all hope? Of course not! It just means that I need to rethink my strategy, and come up with a new plan. You see, it wasn't improvements in total that were denied, just the single project that I was looking to complete.

The New Direction
So, my new direction is this: I'm going to build an independent building that is within code, and is small enough to avoid the need for a permit. How is that, you ask? Let me outline the new plan, or our plan B that my wife and I came up with:

1. We wanted another gathering place that would be quiet, relaxed, and allow for a good movie experience. The ruling didn't change that, it just altered the location.

2. We need to allow at least 6 ft separation from the house or property line, preferably both.

3. The structure only needs a permit if it is larger than 140 square feet, or roughly larger than a 10 by 14 foot structure.

So, we plan to create a separate building that will need roofing, thicker walls, and will need power run out to it from the house or garage. The exact location hasn't yet been identified, but once the winter storms are over we will be out measuring locations and determining the best location. I have a rough idea where I would like it to go, but it will depend on the discussions.

So, while I'm a little disappointed about the porch, it just means a quick restructuring of the plan, and then we are all set! All I can say is it's a good thing I didn't seed the lawn in the back yet. ^_^ More news soon, I hope!