Spam Comments: Coming of Age in a Blog

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Yes, I feel like I have finally made it! After starting the blog back in September, I finally feel like my blog has made the big time. I got my first spam comment posted! I had wondered why someone would post something so obviously unrelated to the topic, but as we all know, websites are about exposure. Posting your website in another blog that has a higher rating than you do is an old (if cheap) SEO strategy.

So, this means that my little blog with it's average 10 visitors a day has a higher perceived rating than a website that sells software. Based on the grammar, it looks like it's an off-shore company, and that just raises all sorts of red flags. Needless to say, I would highly recommend that you do not utilize the link at all. Of course,considering that I have very few postings about World of Warcraft, that probably wouldn't be an issue. ^_^

Tomorrow I will have a quick update on the design for my little cob house that I will be building in the back yard, and will even post a picture! There's another first for the blog!