Urban Farming: The beginning of the Project

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It's now that time of year, the time when planting becomes a priority, and the garden that I have been planning for a while can finally become a reality. In order to do so, I need to start by cleaning up the back yard.

Currently, this is what the back yard looks like (as of October 2006):

There isn't a lot there to be proud of, though I have tilled under the area where the patio, new gardening/storage shed will be going (made of cob, of course!), and the lawn. The garden I didn't till under, because it will all be raised garden anyway, and I was unaware of what the final project would look like until I heard back from the city.

So, I began by clearing out the huge and nearly dead snowball bush seen in the corner behind the bricks. I also have laid down some paving stones over the winter, which will be reset after the sand has been put down. But that's all after the new cob building has been created.

The grassy area that you see in the foreground will be the garden. You can't see them, but there are two grape vines currently growing along the house to the left, out of the picture.

The garden will be a collection of whiskey barrels (because of cost and easy manipulation even when full), and I will probably place some river rocks or pea gravel between them to keep control of the weeds. River rocks will probably look better, and give the feel of a cobbled lane. ^_^

Anyway, that's a quick look at what I have to look forward to this spring and summer. I'll provide more pictures as the project progresses, so stay tuned!