Weekend Project 3: Final count and Hydroponics

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This coming week I will be teaching my Mac OS 10.4 Server Essentials class, and therefore will most likely not post anything anytime soon. So, I thought I would post a quick update on my backyard project.

Currently, I have outlined the section where it will be located. I was going to even out the ground, but as we will be placing patio stones down around it, it makes more sense to wait until we start getting sand and gravel to lay the foundation on. Once that is gathered, we will have a level foundation to lay the patio and the greenhouse.

That being said, I found enough brick and other material for the foundation, so I don't need to purchase any additional material. Yay! This means that the project will be running as soon as I can get the fine gravel to level out. Then I just need to get some straw, and start building the cob!

The cob portion will only comprise one full wall, and then about 2 to 3 feet for the rest of the wall. The rest of the wall will be framed in with 2 by 4 boards and covered over with either heavy plastic, or corrigated plastic sheets. Either way, it should take roughly 2 to 3 months to complete the greenhouse. As I get each phase completed, I will post pictures.

Hydroponic Project has Begun!
The project window is moving along quickly, so I also started my hydroponics project. I set some perlite in an egg carton, and cut holes in the base of the carton. Then, I set some seeds in each one. 3 cups have pansies (for my wife), 3 have two types of pumpkin, 2 have cucumbers, and two more have artichokes. I started with the larger veggies because of the time it will take to get them started, and because they will most likely be planted in the ground anyway. The actual hydroponic project will be focused on greens, tomatoes, peppers, and herbs, all of which I can get later once the project is completed.

Once the seeds were set in, I added water, and set it in the window sill. Now, I'm just waiting for the plants to start sprouting. Once sprouted, I will be able to plant them elsewhere, or set them in the greenhouse. Then I can start with the greens. ^_^

So, that's where we sit now. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know!