The Holy Grail for Apple TV: External USB Storage

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Like many people that have purchased the Apple TV around the globe, I have been limited to the 32 GB available for storage on the machine (unlike those that purchased Gen 2 with a 160 GB drive). As such, only a portion of my overall movie collection can be stored on the device. Even with the 160 GB hard drive device, I could only have about a third of my total collection stored on the device.

Since this concern has been quite vocal in the community, a bounty had been set through Apple TV Hacks to enable booting off of the core machine, but use a USB device for storage. Since that bounty had been set, it appears that a real fix has been developed and is expected to be made available this evening. if you would like more information, check out the post on Apple TV Hacks here.

Now, if they can just release a method of installing third party tools onto the iPhone, than I will be in Apple heaven. ^_^