Consolidation of Electronics: What I Use and Don't Use

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This last weekend I have been evaluating the utilitarian nature of my possessions, and have found that many of my objects are just not being used at all. Take, for instance, my Pocket PC. At one time, I was looking into the possibility of moving all my work to a Pocket PC, and found the platform inadequate for my needs. This was a few years ago, and to this day I still only have a few uses for the Pocket PC that I have quickly replaced by using many of the free internet tools, and a good note pad.

So, I have decided to sell my Pocket PC and the wireless card I purchased with it on eBay, in the hopes of getting enough funding to purchase some exercise accessories (i.e., my snorkeling equipment). My goal is to sell the package for at least $100.00, which should be sufficient for my needs. If anyone is interested in the device, it is in fine shape. ^_^

I also have found several games and other software that have come with my computers in the past that I no longer need (mostly because I have moved platforms). I will be listing those soon, in hopes of getting more funding for an underwater case for my camera (and if possible, video camera). Those will be posted soon, and I may even post my entire Sid Meier collection, from the original Civilization to Civilization II: Test of Time.

Finally, I am going to be getting rid of one of my antique jeeps. I have a 1942 Willy's Jeep that is in desperate need of a new body and a rebuilt transmission, though the engine is running really well. I hate to get rid of it, but may look to a local junk yard, and see how much they will give me for it. That money, if anything, will go to fixing up my 1953 Willy's jeep (M38A1), which was a command vehicle commissioned during the Korean war. Did it ever make it there? Probably not, but it's a great convertible, and only needs a couple more things done to make it drivable.

There may be some other objects that will either be sold off cheap, or trashed, based on their usability. If you are looking for some random bits of software for your Windows machine, looking for a new Pocket PC to experiment with, or perhaps know of someone looking for a real fixer-upper in a classic Jeep, let me know!