University of Utah Technology and Gaming Fair

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Today, instead of being in class, I'm representing our department at the University Bookstore's technology and gaming fair. Last year, it was called U MacWorld, but this time it was expanded out to include more vendors and appeal to the gaming market.

The event is pretty cool, though I was hoping for the same Mac presence we had last year. In fact, I was really hoping that there would be a sneak preview of Leopard here. Unfortunately, there isn't. They do have a dual boot Mac on display, but then I have a triboot Mac on display, so that shows them. ^_^

Other than that, we have Adobe here, AT&T, EZ Gear, Belkin, D&H Distributing, Dell, Douglas Stewart, El Dorado Trading Group, Health Sciences, iFrogz, Instructional Media Services, Logitech, M-Audio, Mobile Edge, Ricoh, Skulcandy, Sony, Starwest, STM, Sumo, University Federal Credit Union, Wacom, Western Digital, Laptops Unlimited, and NLU Body Guardz.

There are a lot of events going on as well, with cash giveaways, raffles, and the announcement of the University's iTunes U offerings (finally!).

If you are at or near the U, it's worth it to come check things out! There are a lot of really cool technologies here, and if you haven't had a chance to see a triboot Mac in action, stop by my booth. ^_^