Wanted: Video Game Programming Teacher for Youth Program in Summer

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Today I am stepping away from my usual discussion points to post up an ad. Our Youth program (part of Continuing Education at the University of Utah) is looking for someone to teach a class on video game programming. This class, in the past, has been taught in Dark Basic, but we can be flexible if someone would like to try another platform. These are the requirements:

1. Can Teach: This means that you have in the past taught before, and can teach. That means you recognize when someone is having trouble (deer in the headlights look), can help people on an individual basis, and can communicate your points in such a way as to allow students to build upon each of the steps.
2. Get along well with children: The students will range in age between 13 and 18. Most generally tend to be in the jr. high range. There will be a maximum of 16 students, so things can get a little rowdy. This class is also very popular, usually running at a beginning and an advanced level.
3. Have a Take Away: The students in the end of both the beginning and advanced course would need to have something completed, and can take home.

The class usually runs an entire week, just 3 hours a day. Something advanced like Java would probably not be a good choice, because of the time constraint. The class is not meant to be a video game design course, just a programming course. Also, if you choose not to use Dark Basic, the software would need to be fairly inexpensive. Free is always good. ^_^

If you have any questions regarding the class, interest, pay, etc., please give Claire Turner a call at 581-7226.