The Little Things

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Today my wife was feeling really bad, and we needed to work out a way for my son to get to school and get home.  So, I took a sick day to take care of my wife and my son.  So I ran to work first to set up the CCNA Bootcamp that started today, and then I ran back home to take my son to school.  Once there, I checked with my son's teacher and told her the results of his psychologist visit.  Jonathan couldn't wait to start playing, and ran right in with the other children.  I then came home, did some yard work, got some Jello for my wife, and then headed back to get my son.  He was sitting on the teacher's lap, and looking at a book!  Now, you may think this isn't a big deal, but my son has no attention span for books as part of his disorder.As we were leaving, he gave his teacher some eye contact.  Eye contact!  He doesn't give people eye contact, as part of his disorder.  This is a huge advancement for him.  It means that he is working through his disorder in order to communicate.  Overjoyed, I brought him home.  He then asked for juice, which he never has before.  His vocabulary is growing, and each day I get more and more excited.  He's spending more time indicating, and less time trying to make me get what he wants.  Of course, he still wants to do things on his own, and I'm still willing to let him dress himself and get his own dinner.  But all things considered, I'm excited that he is willing to include us in his life.