Tourism Industry in Second Life

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Second Life isn't really a game, because there are no real objectives that you need to accomplish.  For this reason, a lot of people are turned off.  But, let's say you don't have the money to visit exotic locations around the world, but would like to see them for yourself?  Second Life is a very inexpensive way to see the locations through someone else's eyes.  ROMA Sim Roma sim is a simulation of ancient Rome.  It's not really clear which specific slice of time was taken to use it, as the buildings are all from different Emperors, but it's fun to walk around the town.  You are not allowed to fly in this sim, but you can click on any fountain and take a "litter" to several locations.  Check out the Temple, the Museum, or the Circus Maximus.  There is even a Calilgula's Pleasure Palace, though it's geared more to the adult crowd.  The rules in the sim:  Dress in roman togas.  You can get some free from the Dock that you land on when teleporting to the sim. Scotland Sim those that know me, this is perhaps my most favorite sim.  The Scotland sim has some great information about the country, the Royal Mile (shopping district in Edinburgh), a ride on Nessie, events, a haunted dungeon, a castle, and Highland games.  It's a great place to pick up a kilt for your Avatar, or various other goodies.  never tossed a caber before?  Check out the sim in the Highland Games!  There is also a pub that allows one to dance a jig.  Also, take a guided horse-drawn carriage tour of the sim.  Paris 1900 wife has always wanted to go to Paris, just to see the Eiffel Tower.  Well, in this sim you not only get to see the Tower, but you can ride up to the top, put on a parachute and jump off!  The parachute automatically deploys, and you float down to earth.  Also, you can take a bike ride around the sim, and take a zip line from the Arch de Triumph!  It's a great sim, with loads of fun.  Egypt Empire Sim sim is one of several sims, such as the Roman Empire (not Roma) Sim, Greek Islands, British Islands, and the Spartan Empire.  It's well stocked with shop locations, and has a combat arena for those interested in fighting in second life.  Be sure to read the rules carefully.  From your teleport location, you can actually take a boat ride through the other sims.  I would highly recommend it! Africa Sim love the Africa sim, though there isn't a lot to do there.  But there is a lot to see!  It's like taking a wild animal safari, getting up close and personal with the animals.  There are shops, and even a balloon tour you can take.  The animals are not animated, but they are 3D.  It's great, and I think anyone would enjoy it. China Sim China Sim lands you on a barge, with several levels.  Again, not a lot to do there at the sim, but there are tons of free things you can get on the decks.  If for nothing else, you can get some nice avatars, clothing, and various other freebies from this sim.  Germany Sim Though there isn't a lot here on the Germany sim, there are some really nice houses and castles for sale.  Other than that, it's a great place to set up a shop if you are looking to sell objects in Second Life, because there is plenty of space.Official Greece Sim Finally, there is the official Greece sim.  This sim was created to reflect the modern Greek culture, and does a fabulous job.  There are various activities for someone to experience, including a visit to the Parthenon.  It's well built, and everything is in Greek and English.  Check out the movie theatre, or go shopping. Anyway, those are the sims I would recommend visiting, if you are new to Second Life.  If you are looking for educational resources, I would recommend checking out Laura's Blog.  She has a list of educational locations in Second Life that are very useful.