Advanced Mac OS X IT Training: Getting Certified

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This week I am preparing for training in Chicago (Villa Park) for OS X Deployment, 10.5.  The class is newly remade, with a pretty hefty schedule for something that was supposed to be just 2 days long.  As it sits now, It looks like it will be a good 3 days for the class, though I will find out for sure next week.  The course seems to be pretty straightforward, focusing on deploying Mac OS X to a large audience.  All the bases are covered from planning to execution.  It will be a great class to sit through, and prepare to take the certification exam.This will be the second time I am leaving my wife and son for training.  Luckily, this week will be a short one, as I am leaving on Monday, and coming back late Thursday night.  This way I will still be able to teach my Server Essentials class on Friday, and not put the students one more day behind.  The next step will be going to Mac OS X Directory Services 10.5, and Advanced Server.  These classes are 4 and 5 days each, respectively, and will put me a full 11 days away from my wife and son.  I didn't do well last time around Christmas, but this time the major holiday will be behind me, and I will have another that following week to devote to my son.  At any rate, it will be the first time I have ever been to Chicago in my life, and I'm really excited.  I'm a big Chicago Cubs fan, and have always wanted to see the Windy City.  Perhaps I'll get a chance to head into town for the weekend.  One can only hope.