The New iPhone 3G: My First Impressions

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When the first iPhone was released, I got all excited, just like everyone else.  I thought it would be the perfect phone for me, until I saw what it didn't come with, i.e. apps.  The price was high, but my euphoric response didn't see that.  But the 2 year contract with AT&T did slap me into real life.  It just became too impractical for me to own, and so I let go of the dream.  Much like Nick in GPF Comics, I walked away.  It was just too impractical for what I was hoping it would be:  a replacement for my laptop.  Now the new iPhone 3G has been announced, with the release on July 11th.  I can honestly say I am excited for the release.  This time the price for the device is lower, and I already have a 2 year contract with AT&T (when my wife and I found out we were expecting, we thought cell phones would be a good idea).  And I hate my current phone.  Why do I hate it?  Because it has a blasted camera button on the side of it, and I keep taking pictures of my pocket when I pull it out.  I need a new phone. So, I'm seriously looking at the iPhone 3G.  The data price hasn't gone up for my Business account, but it's still pretty steep.  That's one strike against it.  The other will be determined entirely by the application offerings that are available for the iPhone.  The teaser pictures are encouraging, but there are some pretty specific applications I would like to see for the new iPhone.  Also, I'm still holding out for a UMPC from Apple.  I want an iPod Slate, and there is some evidence that it will be happening in the next quarter, just in time for Christmas.  So instead of both my wife and I getting an iPhone, we are getting one, and hopefully the Slate will be released on time. So, my over all impression:  the new iPhone is a definite buy, but with some reservations.  Look for September to at least have a refreshed version of the iPod Touch, and perhaps have the iPod Slate.  If not, then I may get another iPhone.  After all, with 10.6 not supporting PPC processors, I need a new laptop anyway.