Cuil vs. Google: A Review

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Lately there has been a lot of talk about the new search engine on the block:  Cuil.  It's rumored to be fast, quick, and index sites better than Google.  I'm all for anything that works well, and I love to test media hype.  So, I thought I would give Cuil a try.  Cuil is the old Irish word for Wisdom, and that is how they bill their search.  The site is designed well on it's home page, just like Google.  They provide just a simple search, with no visible advertisements that I can see.  So that brings up the first question:  how do they make money?  Not quite sure on that.  The results are not as simple, but you do get more information per result than with Google.  I wouldn't call it "mobile" friendly though, as it posts a large text snippet and images that are relevant to the search.  Google, on the other hand, has a small text snippet and no images.  Personally, I like the larger text snippet because you get a better idea on the relevancy of the search result.  One thing that takes some getting used to is viewing multiple results.  If searching for names (I did a search for myself to see what comes up), close matches that are ranked higher show up on the first page to the Left under various categories.  But it took me a little while to realize that additional search results could be navigated at the bottom left corner of the page.  Though I could figure it out eventually, it takes the "first page results are the only results" a bit too far.  Perhaps if the navigation was at the bottom right.  After all, the human eye, while reading a web page, will naturally move from the Top Left to the Bottom Right, and stay there.  Also, my new Blog was not indexed at all, apparently.  I couldn't find any mention of it, nor of my other recent domains.  This brings up questions regarding the search engine bot being used.  Cuil uses a search engine bot named Twiceler, and you can get your site indexed by sending them an email.  As I tell my students who are interested in Search Engine Optimization, even if they are only 5% of your search, do what you can.  Don't alienate anyone from your marketing strategy.  So, do I think Cuil is better than Google at indexing?  Not right away.  I think their web crawler needs a bit more work in following links and such, but with them being so new on the block, perhaps it is just that the crawler just hasn't had enough time to process everything.  But the other question is, do I think Cuil is bette at displaying the results?  Yes, I do.  Perhaps it's because I'm of a Celtic heritage and therefore biased, but I really like the display overall.  I think that Cuil has a lot of potential, once the crawler has time to index enough of the web to make it as large as Google.  Has anyone else out there tried Cuil?  What do you think?