The Final Stretch in Villa Park: Advanced Server Administration

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This week I finish up with my T3's for Apple with Advanced Server Administration.  This class is focused primarily on running the ADDIE process (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate) throughout the IT  infrastructure of a company, and build it up using both the GUI and Command Line tools.  Because it is assumed that you have been learning the GUI tools up to this point (this is the capstone course), it primarily focuses on the command line tools available to the Mac.  I'm not sure when we will offer the class at the U, as much depends on other training offerings and any additional infrastructure we would need, but I already have a lot of people interested in this class.  Most of them are Linux administrators who are going to be supporting the Apple platform, and want to do so with SSH (just as they would with Linux).  I already have a list of people who would love to take that class.  Anyway, it all hinges on whether or not I'm judged "good enough" to train.  Partly judged by my peers, partly judged by the Master Trainer, my fate rests in their hands.  At this point, however, I'm less concerned.  I'm rather more concerned with how my family is doing back home.  I'm literally counting the days until I fly out.  But I will miss the Chicago area.  Anyway, more details on the classes I attended during this trip sometime next week.  I'll give a teaser for the classes, and give you my opinion of the materials and flow of the class.