Rainwater Collection Plans Part 2: New Legislation Allowing Collection??

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Again, like with many of my other governmental inquiries through email, I have as yet received a reply from the Water Resources board regarding the avenues available for rainwater collection on an urban farm.  And then, a few weeks ago, I heard a report (or a followup at the very least) that legislators here in Utah are looking into reforming the Water Rights laws to allow for residential rainwater collection.  So why did it take me so long to reply?  Because I can't find any reference to the followup report on KSL, nor can I find a reference online from any legislator that is taking up the fight.  So in spite of the total lack of references, I'm reassured that someone somewhere is willing to take up this fight.  Perhaps that is why I am not getting a reply from the Water Resources board.  Perhaps... or perhaps it is because I made the inquiry via email.  Either way, it looks as though sometime in the future it may be possible to build and collect rainwater for use on an urban farm.  Unfortunately I don't know when or who is fighting for this.  Perhaps it's time I contact my local legislator again.  Maybe I'll get a reply.