Events Worth Mentioning: Catching Up

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I've been MIA for a while in these past couple weeks, but for good reason.  So let me cover the events of the past couple of weeks in order, based on what I felt was noteworthy.  First and foremost, my wife gave birth to our son Alistair Scott on November 1st at 10:27 PM.  He was 7 pounds, 11.8 ounces, and was 20 and 3/4 inches long.  Since then he has already gained 3 ounces and grown 3/4 of an inch.  He's doing well, and so is my wife. With the birth of our second son, I was worried about how this would effect my first son, who is on the autism spectrum.  He was not really happy with either of us at first when he came to visit, but ended the day giving us both kisses.  For the past week or so, he has barely acknowledged his little brother.  Then last night he stood by the bassinet and watched his brother sleep.  I think he's getting an idea of the change that has come to our family, and is accepting it.  I'm going to be watching him closely, to be sure that the baby doesn't become a problem for him.  With the birth of another son, and taking into the account that 6% of all boys born are likely to be autistic, and as autism runs in my family, it's very likely that our son will have autism.  So that's something that we hope to catch early if possible.  The Election on Tuesday was exciting for a lot of people, disappointing for many others, and I didn't follow it at all.  I had voted a week before (because the baby's due date was so close), and as such didn't care much for the results.  Instead I spent my time feeding my new son.  That being said, there is what I think of the results:  1.  President-elect Obama will do a fine job, particularly if he manages to make a bipartisan cabinet.  I think he is a very intelligent and capable man, though I have yet to see him tested in the nightmare of an administrative job that is the Presidency.  Quite frankly, I think that anyone that want's to be President of the United States has serious issues.  That is why I would vote for General Colin Powell in a heartbeat:  he doesn't want the job.  But that being said, I've been long burned out politically, and would rather see results on important issues instead of radical wings of both parties trying to push their agendas.  I think the election was good for the Democrats, in that they got what they have long wanted:  another Hoover to run against.  But the election will be just as effective for the Republicans, in that they will do some soul searching to determine why they have been losing so badly.  It isn't because of Sarah Palin, it isn't because of Senator Stevens, it's because they don't have a real direction in their party and have become too reactionary and desperate.The last thing I hope to see is the issue of Autism taken up by both the new Administration and Congress.  Autism is growing in diagnoses, with more parents needing help in discovering what it is and how to help those on the spectrum lead a self-sufficient life.  I'm not looking for a cure, I'm looking for support from somewhere to help parents like myself and my wife who want desperately to teach our son and help him show the intelligence we have observed in him to others.  And finally, Apple and the Tablet!  Yes, there seems to be a lot of evidence floating out in the rumorsphere that Apple is building a Tablet pc, and that it is due any time now.  The most logical time to announce it would be in January, which would be ideal.  I hope Apple keeps in mind all the features I had put down, particularly that the device will let one tether a bluetooth keyboard and mouse to it, have a full OS with the ability to install software on it, and a micro-DisplayPort for presentations.  So, anyway, that's the past week and a few days in review.  Now, it's back to helping my wife with the new baby!