Book Review: The Time Machine by H. G. Wells

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Being a fan of Steampunk, this is a classic read. I've loved each movie that was made, and now I hate them all. The book is far better, as the story is more believable. The prose is, as one would expect from Wells, phenomenal, drawing you into the moment as the Traveller tells of his adventure into the future. A clarification that needs to be made about this book is the clear preference to Socialism/Communism to which Wells leans. The "future" is supposed to be the apex of socialism, but instead is the anticlimax of capitalism. That was a little harder to believe, as nature is completely ignored in this exploration. I highly recommend this book, in any format.  In this case, I read the book in Stanza on my iPod Touch.  The book was from the Project Gutenberg library.  I'm now working on my next book.