2009 Archives

  1. Sherlock Holmes: A Review
  2. Spectrum Academy: High School for Autistic Minds
  3. Christmas Eve Dinner: Applebee's and Autism
  4. Merry Christmas!
  5. Autism Genetics: Autism and Schizophrenia Possible Genetic Opposites?
  6. Autism Christmas Poem
  7. The Future of eBooks, Books, and Reading: A Historical, Technological, Consumerist, and Hopeful Writer's View
  8. Holiday Travel, Disneyland, and Autism: Avoiding the Meltdown For My Son
  9. Microsoft Office 2010 Beta: Initial Reactions
  10. Autism And Motor-Skill Problems
  11. Armistice Day: A Day To Remember Our Veterans
  12. The Holidays and Autism: How to Cope With the Noise
  13. The Diagnosis of Autism: A Plea From A Parent
  14. The Power of Media: The War of the Worlds, and Hitler's Airwaves
  15. Ruby On Rails Contract Job Needed By Local Company
  16. Taxes and the Romans: I Look Into History
  17. Making Yeast Doughnuts, Sliders, and Ice Cream
  18. Another Genetic Link Found For Autism: By the U of U!
  19. Increased Autism Rates: What It Really Means, And What It Should Mean
  20. Job Posting: Looking For Additional PHP, JavaScript, and Database Driven Websites Instructors
  21. Latest Apple Tablet Rumor: E-Reader, and My List Yet Again
  22. Weekend Roundup: Politics, Autism, and Mac OS X 10.6 Training and Certifications
  23. The Autumn Autism Carnival
  24. Healthcare Debate: Trying To Get Answers, And Getting Some Without Partisan Garbage
  25. An Argument For Large Homes: Hiding Our Children from the Masses
  26. Childhood Milestones and Autism: Potty Training
  27. Chicken Tikka Masala: Complicated, but Tasty
  28. Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard: The First Impressions and iCal Delegation
  29. YouTube and Autism: Finding Social Stories
  30. No Politics, Just Hot Carrots and Grilled Beets
  31. The Modernism Backlash: Smaller Homes, Gardens, Mass Transit, Composting Toilets?
  32. Free vs. Open Source: The Real Difference
  33. Testing Windows 7: Initial Thoughts
  34. The Illusion of Democracy
  35. Autism and Safety: Your Home, Your Child, Your Needs
  36. The Much-Rumored Apple Tablet
  37. Gluten Free and Casein Free Diets: Why They Don't Work for Real Autism
  38. Social Networking In Action: Help for a Friend
  39. Vacations, Traveling, and Autism
  40. iPod Touch and Mobile Writing: Document 2 App
  41. The Stress of Autism: Parents, Behaviors, and Psychological Distress
  42. The Allure of Living Simply: Rethinking the Home
  43. iPod Touch 2G with 3.0 Update: First Thoughts
  44. Iran, Revolution, and the U. S. President
  45. Cream Crowdie: A Scottish Parfait
  46. Fear and Autism
  47. June 12th and 13th: Utah Scottish Association Highland Games & Scottish Festival
  48. Autism and Resources: What We Have, and What We Need
  49. iPhone/iPod Touch and Autism in the News
  50. iPhone and iPod Touch Apps for an Autistic Child
  51. Learning Captivate
  52. Kerberized SSH on Mac OS X v10.5 Server
  53. Wheeler Farm Field Trip: My Son, My Wife, and I
  54. eBooks, The Kindle DX, and the Much-Rumored iPod Slate
  55. In the Garden
  56. Last Day of Autism Awareness Month: In the News and My Son's Progress
  57. Testing Qumana for Mac
  58. Apple Web Tablet/Netbook Rumors
  59. Autism Legislation Lost In Committee on the Hill
  60. Youth Program Still Looking for Dark Basic Programming Instructor
  61. Personal Life Lessons: Being Too Sensitive About Autism
  62. Teaching Writing Skills
  63. Secure Login for Apple WebMail
  64. Migration Failure: Blog is Back Up
  65. Breakthrough: My Son and his Church Class
  66. Autism and Violence: Understanding Autism In the Midst of Media Reports
  67. Gardening Update: First seeds planted
  68. Senate Bill 219 Autism Treatment Acceleration Act of 2009 Submitted to Committee
  69. Parents, Children, Autism: Education or Obsession?
  70. Animation and Autism: Discovering the Autism Learning Method
  71. Autism Support Bill in the US House: Let's Get It Right!
  72. Autism and Education: What Parents Really Need to Know
  73. Finally! An iPhone/iPod Touch App for Autistic Kids
  74. Time for Gardening: My Garden, and a Mention about the President's Garden
  75. Deriding the Special Olympics: A Window in our Society
  76. The Autism Golden Goose: Exploitation of Families Through Misinformation
  77. Hyperbaric Chamber Treatments and Autism: A Real, Clinical Study
  78. Pi Day Passed in the House: March 14th to be Recognized
  79. Monosodium Glutamate and Autism Revisited
  80. Gastrointestinal Problems and Autism: A Genetic Link for Some
  81. Wanted: Graphic Artist Instructor for Drawing with Technology Class
  82. Need for Dark Basic Trainer this Summer
  83. Fluoxetine Trial Results: What It Means
  84. Accepting Autism: Cure vs. Explore
  85. Deploying Final Cut Pro to a Lab: Multicast ASR
  86. PTEN and Serotonin Transporters and Autism
  87. The Lie that Started It All: Doctor Who Claimed MMR Caused Autism Falsified Reports
  88. Estate Planning for Special Needs: What to Do When Your Special Needs IdentiChild Is No Longer A Child
  89. Advanced Mac OS X IT Classes at the University of Utah
  90. Autism and Thimerosal: A New Study That Disproves the Link
  91. The Roundup: Stories and Events of Note
  92. Autism Council of Utah Event: Personal Planning for Children with Disabilities
  93. Restraining Children with Disabilities: 21st Century or 12th Century?
  94. My Favorite iPod Touch Apps
  95. Autism and Monosodium Glutamate: The Theory and The QuestionsIncr
  96. Journey to the Centre of the Earth: A Review
  97. Sugar Bowl
  98. New Year, New Hopes: Autism at the Cusp of Discovery, Acceptance, and Advancement