Advanced Mac OS X IT Classes at the University of Utah

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Starting this next month, the University of Utah's Technology Education department will be offering advanced Mac OS X IT classes.  Currently we offer the the Support and Server Essentials classes which cover an introduction to the Apple Certified Support Professional and the Apple Certified Technical Coordinator certifications.  On February 9th to the 11th we will be offering Mac OS X Deployment v10.5, which covers deploying your Macintosh systems initially, deploying the OS systems for various uses, and providing updates and maintenance for the Macintosh system.  For any of you who manage large Mac labs or businesses that are migrating to or integrating Macs, this would be a great class for you attend.  It is one of 4 tests required for the Apple Certified System Administrator certification.  More information can be found the the following URLS: April 13th to the 16th will bring the Mac OS X Directory Services class, which covers the Directory system built into the OS X platform.  This covers the local directory and it's management, Open Directory (Apple's implementation of OpenLDAP), and integrating with third party Directory systems (like Active Directory and eDirectory).  Because there is so much information, this class will be a 4 day class.  More information can be found the the following URLS: summer we will also offer the Mac OS X Advanced System Administration v10.5 course, which is a comprehensive course on managing the UNIX aspect of the Mac OS X system.  Focusing primarily on the Command Line tools for installation, deployment, directory management, and automation, this course is a must have for every system administrator working with Macintosh machines, either at the user or server level.  This class is not yet scheduled, but is planned for the Summer semester.  It is the capstone course for the ACSA certification.  More information can be found the the following URL: you have any questions, feel free to contact the Technology Education department at (801) 581-6061.