Autism Council of Utah Event: Personal Planning for Children with Disabilities

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The Autism Council of Utah is presenting a seminar on January 28th, 2009 at 12:00 PM to 1:15 PM:  Personal Planning for Children with Disabilities.  It will be held at One Utah Center on the 13th Floor, 201 South Main Street in Salt Lake City, Utah.The seminar will explore the legal aspects for planning the future of your special needs child when you have passed away.  It will be presented by Matthew S. Wiese, J.D., LL.M..  The first session will be on Special Needs Trusts, and the second session will be on How to Appoint a Guardian for your Adult Child.  That will follow with a question and answer session.  Lunch will be provided at this seminar, so space will be limited.  If you are interested in attending, you can RSVP to email smithfam29 at msn dot com.  The Autism Council of Utah is an independent council working to foster collaboration, communication, and learning among families and agencies.  Their aim is to promote access to recourses and responsible information for individuals of all ages who have, or are affected by, autism, or related conditions (taken from their announcement).I wasn't aware that there was an Autism Council of Utah until recently when my son was sent home with this announcement in his backpack.  Their website ( is currently down (looks like the server may be down), so I don't have a lot of information about them, and their blog hasn't been updated in a long time.  So it sounds like they could use as much support as possible.  After Wednesday the 28th, I should have more information regarding the council, and will post any relevant information that may be coming up.