My Favorite iPod Touch Apps

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Now that I have been using my iPod Touch for over a month, I can't imagine being without it.  I've found it more useful than any of the PocketPC's that I have owned, and far more useful than any of the cell phones I have had in the past.  But what makes it so useful?  Simple:  the apps.  It's all about the apps, and mostly about the free apps.  So here is my list of favorite apps that I use on a regular basis: Stanza:  I would be lost without Stanza!  I have a long commute to work using the Bus and Traxx system, and as such a good read is necessary.  But most books that I want to read are very bulky and difficult to haul around between stops (particularly when the bus is late and I have to run to catch the train).  Having (currently) 107 books in my pocket is wonderful.  And all the books are free, as they have long been in the public domain.  Stanza is a good app, and even if they should require a purchase, it would be well worth it. Scriptures:  Because Stanza can't support eBooks with DRM, I needed an app to carry my scriptures with me.  Scriptures is a free app, and allows me to do my daily readings while on commute.Free RSS:  As I no longer have a radio to listen to NPR in the morning and evening, I get my news through the free RSS reader. What's nice about this reader is that I can completely customize it, catching the feeds from specific segments of the news world, those that I feel are least biased one way or another.  While in WiFi country, if I don't want to listen to the music I currently have, I can listen to a radio of sorts. has all my favorite genres, and it's all on my iPod.  Facebook:  Yes, I finally caved in and joined Facebook.  This way I can keep up with friends I haven't seen in years, and know what they are up to.  It's fun, and helps me feel somewhat more social than I ever have been.  Evernote:  I was going to give this a miss entirely, because my uses for Evernote would be the same as my uses for Google Docs....  Except you can't use Google Docs from your iPod Touch.  Argh!  But Evernote allows me to throw together a quick list of notes that I want to keep for a long period of time.  The good news:  I have another writing project in the works once I finish my first one.  Now if there would only be an app that would help for a writer on the go...Fring:  This was the clincher app for me, because it allows for VoIP with SIP or Skype.  That's huge, as it gives me a phone in my iPod Touch.  Since I rarely stay outside of a WiFi connection, it gives me an alternative to a cell phone, which I rarely use anyway.  And it's a heck of a lot cheaper.  ^_^  It also ties in Twitter and my various IM clients, so I don't have to have more apps than one.  I love consolidation.Files Lite:  I can transfer documents to my iPod, and view them all within Files.  I can read any Office doc, which makes reviewing a presentation very handy.   It also supports iWork documents, which is better than other alternatives.To-Do:  A great to-do list that let's me check off items as they come due.  I can also use it as a shopping list, to the great relief of my wife who sends me to shop and finds I forget at least one thing. iStethescope:  Now that I'm trying to lose some weight and get to a more healthy me, I find monitoring my pulse to be important.  This is a handy app to do just that, as long as I have an iPhone headset.  Good thing I bought one for fring.  ^_^Tally Counter:  As my new calling in church is ward clerk, it's my responsibility to count the number of people attending each meeting.  Tally counter has been invaluable in that, since it's noiseless and accurate.  Games:  Yes, I do play games from time to time to relieve stress, when I'm not reading or jotting down ideas.  My favorite games are Rolando, Armado, Spore Origins, Topple, Toy Bot Diaries, Solitare, and Bubbles for my son.  So that's about it for now.  I'm looking into another applications, and there are new ones coming up all the time.  I do have several that I don't use a lot, but I have on hand as a "just in case" scenario.  Do any of you have favorite apps for your iPhone or iPod Touch that you use?