Fluoxetine Trial Results: What It Means

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Science Daily ran this story regarding the trial of fluoxetine for children with autism, as sponsored by Autism Speaks.  Fluoxetine is a drug meant to assist in treating the symptoms of autism for children.  It is not a cure, but a treatment that was given a serious clinical trial, and was found to be statistically no more effective than a placebo.  Naturally this came as a disappointment for the company developing the drug, and for many parents looking for some help in managing autistic behavior in their children.  But the real story here isn't about the drug, but rather the trial itself.  The fact that there are serious clinical trials for Autism is a huge step toward understanding Autism itself.  Clinical research, regardless of it's outcome, is quite often the best method of learning more about a condition.  I'm proud that Autism Speaks organized this trial, and the community they represent is willing to look at the condition of autism with a serious, scientific eye.  Well done!