iPhone/iPod Touch and Autism in the News

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This morning while going through the morning routine, I came across several news articles talking about communication applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Proloquo2go was the app being featured, but each article spoke vaguely regarding the quiet applications that provide a benefit to those with disabilities. 

I started to think about how the truth in that statement.  Sure, we have all heard of the applications that help students lives on a college campus, help people get around town, or the games that can be played.  And I'm sure the application sales will reflect that the real market for apps on the iPhone and iPod Touch are these areas, but there is such a wealth of other applications that fill real needs in peoples lives, rather than just wants. 

For instance, there are a ton of learning and education applications.  Each application does one thing, and does it well.  You can learn another language, have reference books at a click of a button, or have access to a graphing calculator without needing to buy another device for roughly the same price (at least mine was back in the day).  Here I have found several applications for preschoolers, toddlers, and children in school that help them learn and develop in fun and engaging ways.  Some are even well adapted for several learning styles, and can be used by autistic children.  For me, at least, it alone makes the purchase of an iPod Touch worth the price. 

So, while the news is only catching up with what I've already posted in the past, it's refreshing to see the platform and those developers out there get recognition for the fine and important work that they do.  Sure, applications like iConverse or Proloquo2go will not have the downloads that Sound Grenade had, but I can guarantee that the applications will be used more often and longer than those little annoying apps that work once for a reaction and then are never used again. 

My thanks to all those out there who wish to use the iPhone and iPod Touch as a tool to help those with Autism show just how special and unique they are.  You are invaluable to our community, and the community of iPhone Developers.