No Politics, Just Hot Carrots and Grilled Beets

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There has been so much going on this last week with the Healthcare Legislation debate, ups and downs with the Economy, and name-calling on both sides, you would think I would have something to say in the matter.  Well, I do, but I have to wait until at least one of the three politicians contact me with their replies.I know Senator Hatch will, because he has been consistent in giving me replies to any question I send, all by snail mail.  I've never contacted Representative Chaffetz before, so this will be his first test (I tend to vote against politicians if they or their staff do not reply to my queries).  Lastly, I emailed the President's office, requesting information from the aide that will read it (I'm under no misconception that I will get to the President himself).  So, things are on hold.BeetsSo what is this about beets?  This last Sunday we had my wife's family over for a barbeque, and I cooked (again).  I knew a salad was coming, and some drinks, but no one ever brings veggies.  So, I thought I would try some things.First, I made some hot carrots from the carrots in our front garden and the Santa Fe peppers we had in the back.  They were hot, and delicious.  I still have a big bottle left (not too many people wanted to risk it, I suppose).Next, I pulled some beets.  Now, I've had boiled beets, raw beets, and pickled beets, but I've never grilled them.  I thought I'd give it a try, so I sliced them up.  I then sprinkled some olive oil over them, and threw them on a very hot grill.  You see, I grill with real wood coals, and so it takes time for the wood to burn down.  I threw the beets on when the wood was still burning, because I wanted to test the grill temperature.The first thing I noticed was the seepage from the beets, which is normal.  Then, the carmel that formed.  You see, all beets have a high sugar content, and any beet can be used to make sugar.  By grilling them, the sugar browned, giving the beet a carmel flavor.  It was just like eating candy.  If I would have done anything differently, I would have added some salt to enhance the flavor.So that's it!  If you have never had a grilled beet, I would highly recommend it.  I didn't peel the beet because I'm a firm believer in nutrients being in the skins, but they would be less bitter with a peeled beet than with a beet with the skin on.  Give it a try!