Another Genetic Link Found For Autism: By the U of U!

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Another genetic link as been identified by University of Utah researchers, this time focused around chromosome 5 which control neuron development in the brain.  The Salt Lake Tribune has an excellent story on the research done, and the implications of this particular discovery. 

The really good news is the reaction that most professionals are taking of this news:  nothing new, we are aware of it already, so let's start supporting those with Autism with the current treatments that have been most beneficial.  That is the attitude the Autism community needs to have.  Petty arguments as to the cause isn't nearly as important as the need to provide real support for those children suffering with Autism.

So what do you say Legislators?  Isn't it time to take the matter up?  What do you say insurance providers?  Isn't it time to at least cover the costs of diagnosis of Autism?  So many different genetic links have been made, I think it's pretty safe to say that Autism is a real health care concern, not a bunch of misbehaving children that have irresponsible parents.