Autism Genetics: Autism and Schizophrenia Possible Genetic Opposites?

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The Boston Globe had posted an article on the 15th regarding a study that links autism and schizophrenia as genetic opposites.  I have to say, I was dubious at at first, but the article is well worth reading. 

It seems that Bernard Crespi, Philip Stead, and Michael Elliot identified a the same places within the human genome that cause both events.  The difference is in the number of copies the genes the genome has.  For Schizophrenia, there are multiple copies, for neurotypical people, they have just two copies.  For those with Autism, they have just one. 

So, it seems that Autism could be a genetic opposite to schizophrenia, making similar treatments possible at the genetic level.  The research was completed at the Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.  The research is interesting, and it reaffirms the genetic link to Autism.  What's even more interesting, is that once these evidences have been identified, real definitions can be made when it comes to Autism, beyond just the behavioral observance.  Perhaps one day, Autism can be treated as other mental conditions, and families can receive real support in every State.