Merry Christmas!

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It's Christmas Eve, and I thought I would post a quick mention of the season.  I've never really liked Christmas in the past, mostly because I had worked Retail for years, and hated the rush and the frustration that came with the season.  As such, it has never been much of an important season for me.  But now, with two little ones, Christmas has become more important to me.  It's a time to see the children get excited, to see them run and jump and try to get their excitement out.  It's a time for remembering why we have family, and what they mean to us.For my son who is Autistic, this is a trying time, but he's getting better with it.  He loves the lights, and we have a Snoopy lawn light display set up in the front room because he loves it so much.  He also enjoys the presents, more in seeing how they can be stacked than what they are.  It's good, because it means that he won't spend a lot of time trying to unwrap them, and leaves them alone.  He also tends to be more obedient at this time of year, listening to what we need of him.Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the season.  Remember your family at this time of year, and enjoy your time with your own family.  Start a tradition, like driving around to look at Christmas lights, go to a production of the Nutcracker, A Christmas Carol, or other Holiday favorites.  Or maybe, just maybe, spend the time as just your family at home, reading the Christmas story from your chosen sacred text.Have a Merry Christmas everyone!