2010 Archives

  1. Pollution and Autism: Looking At The Data, Debunking the Fear
  2. Cloud Computing: Is It Really That Bad? Stallman vs. Chrome OS
  3. The Great WikiLeaks Cyberwar: What's Coming In the Wake and the Death of the Internet as We Know It
  4. Chrome OS and Cloud Computing
  5. Book Review: The Paradise War (The Song of Albion, Book 1)
  6. MRI Scans A Diagnosis Method for Autism: It's Definitely Biological
  7. Building Blocks A Road to Creativity for Autism
  8. Autism and Holiday Travel: Planning Ahead
  9. Making the Effort: Low-key Santa Event at a Mall
  10. Skin Cell Research: Identifying Genetic Proof to Autism
  11. Near Field Communication on the iPhone: Is It Really Such A Good Idea?
  12. Discontinued Xserve: What Could It Mean?
  13. They Are Just Wired That Way: Autism Risk and the CNTNAP2 Gene
  14. Simple Steps Autism: The Future of ABA Applications
  15. NaNoWriMo and the iPad: The Reasons, and The Apps
  16. Hallowe'en and Autism
  17. Mac OS 10.7 Wish List
  18. FDA Finally Cracks Down On Chelation Supplements
  19. Statistics, Reporting, and Flaws: Caution about Jaundice-Autism Link
  20. Savory Energy Bars: "Italian" Hard Tack
  21. Flash, iOS, and Android: The Real Future of Flash as I See It
  22. Autism and Sibling Speech Delays
  23. Contagious Yawning: A Marker for Autism
  24. Bullying and What To Do About It: Taking Autism Into Account
  25. Autism Weekend Roundup: Genes and Hollywood
  26. Book Review: House Rules by Jodi Picoult
  27. Parenthood: The Autism Diagnosis Moment
  28. Dogs and Autism: Why We Got A Dog, and the Long Weekend
  29. Simplifying Content Development and Delivery: Using The Wiki
  30. History of Autism Treatment: An Introduction
  31. Real Smoke in Cooking: From Burgers to Squash
  32. My Experience Jailbreaking the iPad, And Why I Restored
  33. The Diagnosis, and Afterwards: Two Exciting Projects in Autism
  34. Book Review: Sir Walter Scott's Guy Mannering
  35. First Impressions with the iPhone 4
  36. Fears and Stresses of Autism
  37. Autism Weekend Roundup
  38. Bias and Bias Control: Poisons in any Debate
  39. Veterans
  40. Working Day To Day With Autism
  41. Making Sense of Autistic Spectrum Disorders: A Blog Review
  42. OSR#1 Not A Dietary Supplement, Serious Side Affects Warns FDA
  43. Technology, Interaction, and Autism: iPods and Beyond
  44. The New Mac Mini: The Impression
  45. Why So Many Genes in Autism Research? Copy Number Variations
  46. First Annual Train4Autism Neighborhood Yard Sale
  47. Autism Drug In the Works: KM-391 by Cellceutix in pre-Clinical Studies
  48. Biological Diagnosis of Autism: A Urine Test
  49. Amano Chocolate and the "Guess The Origin" Contest
  50. Microglia Cells, The Immune System, and Behavior
  51. New Service in Salt Lake County for Families with Autism and Alzheimers
  52. The iPad, The New Tablets, and Autism
  53. Autism and Recognition: Shadows Distract Rather Than Help
  54. Noisy Circuits vs. Mirror Neurons: A New Study
  55. Homelife and Autism: The House Design Matters
  56. Weekend Roundup: Flash and Politics
  57. A Weekend with the iPad: A Review
  58. SME's and Instructors: The Good, and the Difference Between Them
  59. Week In Review: Politics and Training
  60. Hands On with the iPad: First Impressions
  61. Children, Time Management, and Autism: The Schedule Book
  62. Autism Genetic Breakthrough: Blood Test and Treatment May Be Possible
  63. The Lasting Legacy of Irresponsible Autism Claims: The Resurgence of Measles
  64. April is Autism Awareness Month
  65. The Future Of Autism: Cures or Neurodiversity Accommodation?
  66. Preschool and Autism: Visiting my Son's Class
  67. Health Care Reform: Why It Doesn't Work For My Family
  68. Genetic Testing for Autism Gets Better: The Chromosomal Microarray Analysis
  69. Autism: No Resolution In an Hour, but a Life-Long Pioneering Trek
  70. Autism and Alternative Therapies: The Dangers of Prescribing Without Evidence: Lawsuit in Chicago
  71. Science and Autism: Sensory Integration Therapy, Vanderbilt's Wilkerson Center, and Real Research
  72. Autism iPod App Review: Look In My Eyes, and Look In My Eyes: Cars: Unique Autism Apps
  73. How I Would Use the iPad and Similar Tablets
  74. Chicago Company Aligning Jobs With Autism
  75. Oxytocin and Autism: Social Awareness Treatment And Positive Research
  76. New Free iPod Touch Apps for Autism: AutismTest, AutismXpress, and Learn To Talk
  77. Autism. Aspergers, And Definitions: Names Don't Really Matter
  78. Playing with OilCanvas on iPod Touch
  79. Google SketchUp, Universal Studios, The University of Utah, and Autism
  80. The iPad Impressions: Limits, or Rethink?
  81. The iPad: First Impressions: REVISED
  82. OSR#1, Chelation, Supplements, And the FDA
  83. Book Review: The Templar Legacy by Steve Berry
  84. Apple Tablet or iPod Slate Rumors
  85. Croquembouche: My Attempt and Observations
  86. Color as a Therapeutic Intervention for Autism: Study
  87. Autism "Clusters" Found In Higher Educated Areas