Color as a Therapeutic Intervention for Autism: Study

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The Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders (Vol. 39, Iss. 5, P. 815-818) published an interesting article on the use of colored lenses and colored films to help an Autistic child with color and light sensitivity excel in reading and study.  The article outlined the work of one student, aged 10, who had trouble with bright lights, artificial lights, and other visual sensory issues.  His symptoms were severe in that he would have regular burn-out sessions every few months when he would sleep for days, and awake with a fever. 

Working with a psychiatrist, an educational psychologist, and a pediatrician, the parents helped their child by first using a filter of blue which instantly improved his reading skills, and then eventually giving him blue colored glasses.  his behavior improved, and his ability to concentrate increased.  Reading comprehension and speed increased significantly. 

The best thing about this article is the last paragraph, which states that this isn't a cure for Autism, nor is it ideal for everyone.  It was just found that this one patient, and two others, were able to better perform using the filters than without.  Therefore, before you spend the money on colored classes for your autistic child, have him tested with a psychiatrist and/or psychologist for a scientific approach for color filter treatment.  Perhaps this will help those with visual sensory over stimulation.  Anyway, it was a good article.