OSR#1, Chelation, Supplements, And the FDA

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On the 17th, the Chicago Tribune posted an article on OSR#1, a "supplement" that is supposed to help autistic children.  Many have claimed it works, and give the compound to their children regularly.  The maker, Boyd Haley, claims that he takes it every day with no side effects, and has been actively marketing it as a method to cure autism. 

The Tribune queried carefully into the supplement, and found the compound was originally developed as an industrial chelation compound, which separates heavy metals.  It was used in the mining industry, and is now being marketed to our little children as, essentially, a vitamin. 

Haley has made claims of safe testing on rats and 10 people, but has failed to produce the studies to prove these tests, either to the Tribune or, interestingly enough, the FDA, which would require such information for the supplement to be sold. 

Now, for those who follow my posts, you know I have a theory of autism that does NOT center around vaccinations, mercury, or heavy metal poisoning.  So chelation in general, being a very risky and dangerous procedure to begin with, is a huge red flag for me.  The second red flag is that the FDA has NO SAFETY INFORMATION FOR THIS SUPPLEMENT!  This just screams scam, snake oil, and even criminal action.  To market a potentially lethal compound to children, CHILDREN, purely for profit warrants at least a good tar and feathering. 

So why am I so enraged by this treatment?  Because the science in the study of Autism has already disproved any claims of mercury as the cause of Autism.  Instead, 22 genes have been identified with Autism behavior.  Autism, true Autism, is genetic, not caused by evil conspiracies within big business to poison our children, and covered up by Governments in all countries for the benefit of these businesses.  That's just absurd to even suggest it. 

Can the results claimed by parents in anecdotal situations be explained then?  Sure!  It's called the Placebo effect.  I'm sure if you gave these same parents sugar pills, told them they are OSR#1, they would see the same "improvements".  Until true clinical trials can be offered in the success of any drug for autism, I reserve the right to tell everyone and anyone to avoid it at all costs.  Don't be taken by snake oil salesmen. 

Oh, and Mr. Haley, shame on you.