April is Autism Awareness Month

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This month is Autism Awareness Month, and there are several events across the nation to bring awareness of those who live with Autism in their lives.  In Salt Lake City, there is the Walk Now for Autism, which is a fundraiser for Autism Speaks, which seeks to increase our knowledge of the condition and searches for a cure.  But regardless of which side of the autism cure/acceptance debate you are on, there are a lot of informational booths there.  I would highly recommend attendance if you have someone in your family who is Autistic.  It's scheduled for May 1st, which puts it just outside of the month, but it's definitely worth attending. 

The Layton Krispy Kreme Donuts establishment will be selling iced blue donuts on Friday, April 2nd in support of Autism Awareness.  They encourage you to wear blue in support of Autism. 

Real Salt Lake will have a special event on April 25th in support of Autism Awareness, and on the same day the Davis Master Chorale will have a special Gloria event for families with Autism in Davis County. 

It's also a good month to harass your representatives for Autism insurance reform.  Currently Autism in Utah is not considered a medical condition, and therefore diagnosis and treatment is not covered by health insurance.  There have been and will continue to be bills up on in the State regarding healthcare company requirements to identify Autism as a medical condition, which should at least cover the diagnosis.  The recent Healthcare Reform bill that President Obama signed into law requires behavioral therapy to be covered, but does not require Autism to be recognized as a medical condition.  Until such a requirement is identified, there are still loopholes for families living with Autism.

So what do you intend to do for Autism Awareness month?  Do you have anything planned specifically?  Feel free to post your Autism Awareness Month events in the comments below!