Weekend Roundup: Flash and Politics

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Another political post today, and I thought I would start with Flash.  Lately there has been a lot of back and forth between Flash and Apple, each attacking the other over the future of Flash.  And today, Microsoft's Internet Explorer group essentially said that while Flash is used now, there are issues, which is why their HTML5 support in IE 9 will support the H.264 codec.  Not a happy day for Flash, and quite a few people in support of Flash made some attacks to both Microsoft and Apple on this post. 

So, I suppose with the last bastion of browsers moving to HTML 5 and H.264, what would be the future of Flash?  I think it's pretty obvious, Adobe will probably work in support for H.264, so current Flash developers will be able to use the same skills they have now to publish to the Web for all platforms.  Additionally, they will probably use Flash to develop apps for platforms other than the iPhone/iPad, meaning for WebOS (if HP keeps it), Android, and Windows Phone 7.  So Flash isn't going away, even in the long term, though it's use as the only video codec is rapidly becoming highly competitive.  So the politics of technology marches on, and without the help of the Democratic or Republican parties.  Go figure. 

For those of you who do develop for Flash, how are your projects working on mobile platforms?  Let me know, I'd love to get a survey and see where mobile app development is moving for Flash!

And the Chicago Sun-Times reports that President Obama will not have to testify in defense of former Governor Blagojevich.  I'm almost sad about that, because I wanted to see how the Administration and the Judicial would take such a request.  I love constitutional issues like that, it makes for good reading.  There is still a chance for it to come up in court of course, assuming it get's appealed to the Supreme Court.  Something to look forward to in a couple of years, I suppose.