Amano Chocolate and the "Guess The Origin" Contest

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On a lighter note, I thought I would mention the Guess the Origin Contest over at Amano Artisan Chocolate, a Utah-based chocolate maker.  For those who love chocolate, and I don't mean the waxy stuff you get at your local Shop n' Rob, but real chocolate with actual flavor, this contest may just be for you.  They are currently working with a new chocolate, and they want you to guess from where the beans have come!  The winner will receive $830 worth of chocolate, or ten bars a month for a year. 

Here is the contest information from their website:

We are in the midst of releasing a brand new chocolate.

To celebrate, we are giving away a free one year supply of chocolate to one lucky individual who guesses the origin of the cocoa beans we used. How much is a "one year's supply"? The answer: 10 bars per month for a year. This is over $830 of chocolate!

To enter, simply fill out the entry form. When the bar is released, we will hold a drawing among all those who guessed correctly. If you win, you will be the envy of your friends, neighbors, and just about everyone else!

What do the beans taste like?

They have a beautiful rich chocolate flavor with some very nice fruity notes. We have made a number of test batches and the chocolate made from these cocao beans is wonderfully complex. The finished chocolate is unlike any of our current chocolates. We know you will enjoy it.

The cocoa beans arrived a little over a month ago. Since their arrival, we performed a number of test roasts to find that beautiful "sweet spot" where the cocoa bean's peak flavor is expressed. Once we found the perfect roast, we made the chocolate. We are very happy with the results.

As with all the chocolates we make, we start only from the highest quality and most flavorful cocoa beans available. We carefully roast them in our antique cocoa roaster, remove their shell, then slowly stone grind them in our antique German melanageur turning them into delicious chocolate.

This is one chocolate you are sure to love. I wish each of you personally, Good Luck!

Feel free to sign up, and give it a guess!  It's definitely worth the effort, and who knows, you may win!