Autism Drug In the Works: KM-391 by Cellceutix in pre-Clinical Studies

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Marketwire posted an update from Cellceutix on their new autism drug's accelerated release schedule, and it's move to the pre-clinical trial stage.  The new drug is a completely new compound, dubbed KM-391 (for now, at least).  The drug affects brain plasticity, serotonin levels, and behavioral function, which were parameters that were chosen specifically for autism.  The results of the pre-clinical tests should be available within a couple of weeks, as opposed to a couple of months, which is good news for those wondering how effective it will be, and whether or not it will be the new "wonder drug" being hoped for in the need to treat autism. 

This drug, from what I can read (I have yet to see the details from the pre-clinical trials, or any further clinical trials), is a method of managing the symptoms of autism, much like drugs are used to manage ADHD.  It is not a cure, in that it doesn't change the fundamental genetic structure of the person with Autism (which would be required to rid the body of Autism completely, as it is genetic).  Therefore, any hopes that this will be the silver bullet for Autism, or will fundamentally change the way someone with Autism thinks should be kept on hold.  We have yet to see the results of the drug trials, which I will be very skeptical about until proven otherwise.  Not because I don't think it will work, but rather I want to know what side effects are present as this will be changing the chemical makeup of the brain. 

Needless to say, the Autism community has been interested in this drug for quite some time, and it's possible that it could bring a lot of children into a managed level of behaviors, allowing them to share the world they are in with others.  We shall see.