Biological Diagnosis of Autism: A Urine Test

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The UK's Daily Mail is reporting a potential new test for Autism that will show, biologically, whether a child has the condition.  Apparently, the urine of an autistic child is chemically different than neurotypical children, and therefore a simple urine test could possibly be used to diagnose the condition.  This is based on the gastrointestinal disorders that often accompany children with autism, which cause a different bacterial makeup within the child's digestive tract. 

This will work with some children that have gastrointestinal disorders that accompany their autism, though as a catch all for autism in general I don't see it as being very effective.  Still, it is yet another source of autism diagnosis that identifies the condition as a biological and not purely behavioral condition, pounding another hole in the argument that Autism is the result of poor parenting and therefore should not be covered as a diagnosis.