First Annual Train4Autism Neighborhood Yard Sale

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The Utah Autism Coalition has announced the Train4Autism's first annual Neighborhood Yard Sale on Saturday, June 26th from 8 AM to Noon at Mountain Oaks Circle, Cottonwood Heights (8080 South 3715 East).  15% of the proceeds will go to Train4Autism, while 85% of the proceeds will go to the Utah Autism Coalition's fund to provide treatment, mentoring, and support programs for children with Autism. 

For those interested in volunteering or providing donations, you can call 801-618-6097 and arrange the details.  This is just for those within the Salt Lake Area (since that is where the sale will be).  The last day for pick-ups will be June 24th, or you can drop off your donations to the drop off center.  Call the above number for more details. 

This marks a new chapter in the Utah Autism Coalition's history, as it is now working to provide support for families with Autism in a more direct way.  With the help of sales like these and grants, they are working hard to provide for those with Autism in the community.  The sale is your chance to get involved and show your support. 

For more information about the Utah Autism Coalition, check out their website.