First Impressions with the iPhone 4

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Well, I've gone and done it.  My old Nokia phone was dying, not able to keep a charge for longer than a day, and had issues.  It had run it's course over the past three years, and it was time to get a new phone.  My wife, who had the same phone as I did, opted to get an iPhone 3GS, and I hesitated.  It was early in the Spring, and I knew that there were rumors of a new iPhone coming. 

There was no doubt that I would get an iPhone.  I've used an Android phone before, and find the overall experience rather clunky in comparison to the iOS experience.  Perhaps it's because I started with an iPod Touch, moved to the iPad, and have invested quite a bit in iOS apps.  More likely it's because there are at last count only three apps (that's 3, only 3) that cater to Autistic children, while for iOS devices, there are over 250. 

At any rate, I was happy to say I waited until the iPhone 4 was announced, and finally ordered one.  Please note, I did wait until the "Antennagate" issue was addressed by Apple, though it doesn't matter that much to me (I'm not left handed).  The free case, which is currently ordered, was definitely a bonus. 

So, what are my impressions of the iPhone 4?  Well, it's just what I would expect having use iOS devices before.  I have never cared for Flash much, as most of my Flash experience has been with ads on news sites, so I don't miss it at all.  What I do like are the new features, many of which I find very wanting on the iPad.  As such I am looking forward to the iOS 4 update, rumored to be due in November (sooner would be nice, Apple!  Just saying!). 

1.  Folders:  I love folders.  I love being able to combine all my 5 pages of apps to one screen.  It's fabulous to have that kind of consolidation for my apps.  I was also interested to learn that of all the "games" on my iPhone, my kids games out number my own. 

2.  Multitasking:  I have to admit, this was one of the reasons I was holding back on another 2 year contract with AT&T and the expense of an iPhone over that time.  I wanted to be able to use Skype while not having to have it open all the time.  Ideal for an iPod Touch, it's great on the iPhone.  That, and I can listen to Pandora while surfing the web.  Bring it to the iPad, and i'll be one happy mobile computing professional.  ^_^

3.  Augmented Reality Browers:  I just discovered it this week, and I'm already intrigued.  There are several free browers available in the iTunes Store, along with some that come with paid subscriptions or others that charge for the browser.  At any rate, it's a pretty cool thing, and I'm looking forward to playing with it more. 

4.  720p Video Recording:  This was what sold me.  Not only did I want to consolidate my cell phone with my iPod, but I wanted to add in a decent video recorder.  The video capabilities on this thing is great, and I didn't even need to purchase the iMovie app.

5.  Retina Display:  I do a lot of reading on the go, mostly on my iPad.  But reading on the iPhone 4 is a new experience entirely.  The clarity of the words is astounding, particularly when in small text.  My eyes don't tire when I read on the Retina Display, and I hope to see it in future iPad releases as they come (and I'm sure they will). 

Those are my likes, things I have enjoyed about the iPhone 4.  Now let's talk about the minor disappointments.

1.  Bluetooth Headset Woes For Voyager 510:  Yes, I finally have an iOS device that will allow the Voyager 510 headset I have owned for over 5 years to work.  The problem?  It can only be used for calls, and will not work with the iPod app.  It seems this poor little trooper is just had it's day, and I'll need to spring for a stereo bluetooth headset. 

Yep, that's it.  Everything else I was either expecting, aware of, or surprised that it doesn't happen at all (i.e., Antennagate). 

So, there is my first impressions.  Some have called me an Apple fanboy.  Honestly, I think I like Apple because they take all the frustration out of compiling on UNIX.  It works when I want it to, and doesn't feel clunky when I work it.