iPhone And Android Programming With Corona SDK

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For someone that has had little experience with object oriented programming, I have had some trouble with trying to get into the iPhone programming world. I have several ideas for the platform, but find trying to learn Objective-C a difficult task. So how does one do it? Here is my process that I have gone through, should someone else have the same problem.I first started by searching the internet, looking for tutorials. There are several, but most assume you have some experience in coding for the iPhone, and have previous experience with Xcode. I have had none, so the explanations were troublesome at best.Next I tried the various iPhone programming courses available in iTunes U, but they all assumed one has previous experience with C++ or Java, of which I have very little. they are great courses, but without an instructor handy it's difficult to learn the process. Following that I started various iPhone programming books. The best, at least in my mind, was the Head First series on beginning iPhone programming. While it doesn't cover anything other than utility apps, it explains the parts of Objective-C necessary to get apps created. Using these techniques, I learned how to create an interface for AmoebaOS for the iPhone, which may eventually make it to the App Store.But it didn't cover everything I wanted, so I checked out some SDK tools out there. I started with Titanium by Appcelerator, but found the training material very lacking. It was hard to understand, both for creating iPhone apps, and apps for the Android platform. Finally, I checked out Corona SDK. It seems promising, and the language one writes in, Lua, seems very easy to learn. It's related to Actionscript, so those who program in Flash and AIR can use it with little help. Also, the language seems easy enough to learn that just about anyone can pick it up. The one drawback is the need for at yearly subscription of almost $400 to submit your apps, on top of the Apple Developer fee of $99. But the good thing is that you can create an app with one set of code, and publish it for the iPhone, iPad, and any Android platform. So, where does that leave me now? Well, I'm going to invest my time learning the Corona SDK. It fits nicely with the programming language that is popular amongst web developers (action script and Flash), and seems simple enough to get some real apps created and published in a short amount of time. And after all, isn't that really the important thing? Get the app out there as soon as possible, so you have time to do the important things, like make new apps.Has anyone out there had a similar experience? How do you develop for mobile platforms, and what languages do you prefer?