Apple, the iPad, and Autism

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As an Apple Authorized Training Center, we get access to the new images for new products from Apple. I use this to browse new iOS products Apple uses to demo their products, and look for good software that I would buy later.  To my surprise, Apple included Proloquo2Go, which is assisted communication software often used by children with Autism.  It's expensive, at $189.99 in the App Store, but it is incredibly robust.  Teachers and parents of autistic children have found it to be a real help in getting children on the Spectrum to communicate when they are non-verbal.

But the real surprise was the focus by Apple to include it in the demonstration.  They haven't in the past, and other than a few references to Autism on the Apple Start page, I haven't seen much in the way of Apple being interested in acknowledging the iPad's impact in helping children with Autism communicate.  Then I saw the iPad 2 presentation.

Most companies are depicted as heartless and money-grubbing.  But seeing Apple's willingness to acknowledge the appeal to children with Autism and how it is able to apply in their lives, that still brings me to tears.  Someone out there in the business sector gets it.