iPad as a Laptop Replacement Series: Programming

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Can an iPad produce code?  Many argue that it cannot because the iPad is only a device for consumption.  You can only read news, surf the web, watch movies/videos, play games, etc., and not do anything useful with it.  Well, that's not true.  You can, in fact, write code without a problem on the iPad.  There are a number of code editors that work, because code is, essentially, just text files.  Here is a list of editors and environments that I have found useful.


  1. jsanywhere (Free):  A free Javascript and HTML editor, it lets you test your JavaScript before you publish it.  Great environment for the price if you are a web developer.
  2. Luna (free):  Environment to test Lua scripts.  Very useful when either coding in or learning Lua.
  3. OpenGL ES Programming ($.99):  A learning and programming environment for OpenGL ES for iPhone.  A great way to learn the programming environment, should you be developing the next great iPhone platform game.
  4. Objective-C Editor ($6.99):  An editor keyed specifically for OBjective-C.  It doesn't include a compiler, but you can upload/download your code to/from Dropbox, giving you a chance to edit your code on the road, and compile it later.
  5. Editor for iPad ($3.99):  One of the best editors out there.  Very clean, very simple, looks like editing in the command line.
  6. Gusto ($6.99): A beautiful website editing tool.  Looks great, organizes websites with a clean UI, and editing is very clean.


Has anyone else had a similar experience with their tablet?  I'm sure there are plenty out there with an Android device that could tell me one can compile any C code using gcc (and if not, I would be surprised).  What do you use your tablet for?