iPad As Laptop Replacement Series: SEO Applications

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Yes, you can replace a Laptop with an iPad (or any other tablet).  Why?  Because tablets like the iPad have applications that cover general use scenarios.  No, they will not replace high-end applications (at least at this point), but your every-day computer usage can migrate to a tablet without a problem.

Take Search Engine Optimization, for instance.  Most of the tools of the trade are on the web, be it your Web Analyzer, SEO evaluation tool, etc.  Most of these tools are at least HTML4 compliant if not HTML5, and I have yet to find one that uses Flash.  And on top of that, there are specific apps for the iPhone and iPad you can use to analyze your site.

  1. Analytics for iPad(Free, $6.99 for Premium):  This plugs into your Google Analytics account and pulls down reports for review.  The Premium gives you more information, but the free version is good enough for a quick review of your data.  And, it automatically logs you in, saving time logging in directly to Google's site.
  2. Site Analyser (Free):  A free iPhone app by Impact Media in the UK (http://seotools.impactmedia.co.uk/analyse/), which has a great response time.  It feels like a free app, in that it requires you to enter in captcha information, but still a good app.  One of the best reasons for getting this app is to analyze competitor's sites.
  3. Pear Analytics (Free, no longer in App Store?):  Pear Analytics (http://www.pearanalytics.com) is one of my favorite SEO websites.  Similar to Impact Media's site, it also does an evaluation, though it looks for different elements.  For some reason I can't seem to locate this app in the App Store, so it looks like it may have been removed.  Pity, it's a great app.

So that's the list that I found useful.  There are many more apps for SEO in the App Store, proving the iPad can cover SEO analysis without a problem, just like a laptop.