After School: Autism and the Workforce

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We worry so much about Autism and our children, we don't often think about what to do for them when they grow up. Currently, most programs focused for Autism are geared to children in school. School districts make allowances for children on the spectrum, psychologists are working on testing methods to better gauge learning, and parents bend over backwards to make sure their kids have the best possible environment at home to manage their stimulation. But what happens when they grow up and have to get a job?Fox News ran this article on Autism and the workplace, identifying ways to prepare your child for the rigors of getting and keeping a job. This is critical preparation that every child should have, in my opinion, but even more so with children on the Spectrum. Because of the nature of the spectrum, they would need to be prepared early. Preparing my son for work is something I've been concerned about, as I want him to have a good, self-sustaining life. So how do you prepare your children to enter the workforce? Anyone have any suggestions?