Benefits of Teaching

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There are several things that make Teaching worth while.  These things help you look past the politics, layers of red tape, and constant posturing for respect and position.  And all these things come down to the students learning something.

In spite of what most people tell you, where you go to school doesn't necessarily guarantee that you learn more things.  You may have better tools for learning elsewhere (like books, equipment, etc.), but ultimately learning is a personal responsibility.  As a teacher, it is your responsibility to provide information in such a way as to increase someone's ability to learn.  So we present learning plans, schedules, assignments, assessments, quizzes, tests, grades, grade levels, etc. all to provide you, the student, with a healthy, safe, responsible environment to exercise your rights to learn.

There are times when that fails.  Construction, relocation, faulty air conditioning, etc. can all distract from the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to learn.  But these are just that, distractions.  Often, they can be taken as excuses for not learning, reasons for letting that responsibility slip from your grasp while trying to fling it on to someone else.

And then there are times when we as teachers succeed, and that alone makes it all worth while.  For instance, today in my Linux class, my students started telling me how they integrated using the command line and scripting in their work.  Both techniques they learned while in my class.  Both stories warmed my heart no end.  That, my friends, is what teaching is all about.  That is what makes it all worth while.  My personal investment in my students was accepted, and validated in their learning process.

Ever wonder what makes parents really proud of their children?  It's the same thing.  They work with their kids to teach them something, pass on knowledge they gained, and see their children apply it.  Teachers are the same, and take just as much pride in the learning of others.  It's a great feeling.