Top 100 in Technorati's Living/Family Blogs!

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I've been looking at the progress of my blog, and I have to say I'm very humbled that so many people seem to be following.  I've always been surprised at the interest others have had in what I have to say, and I always hope that what I pass on is in some way helpful to those who read.  Everything I write about is heartfelt, and generally well researched.  I'm thankful for any comments made, and want to make sure any of you who leave comments receive answers when possible.

But what really surprises me is my ranking on Technorati's Living/Family blogs.  Not only do I rank, but I'm within the top 100!  I'm currently tied at 76 with several other blogs, and I am within the top 10 movers in the category.  All I can say is, thank you to everyone who as come to visit.  I hope it has been of use to you and your family.