Lanta's Frozone: Frozen Custard, and Much More

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Over the 4th of July holiday, my family decided to try someplace new.  We had never been to a new restaurant on 5600 West called Lanta's Frozone, and we thought we would give it a try.  It was very quiet, but then we were on our way back from a trip to the Zoo, and most other people were at the noisy, crowded parades.  As we tend to avoid such places for the sake and sanity of our children, we caught them at just the right time. Lanta's serves up frozen custard and yogurt, and even let you make various recipes and mixtures for your dessert pleasure.  But that's not why we went.  We went for the sandwiches they advertised.  Why?  Well, it was hot, and we wanted something less heavy than a burger.  And it's a good thing, too. When I ordered the staff seemed new, but then we were the only one's in the shop so they probably felt it was less rushed then it might normally be.  The combinations included either fries, chips, or the "house salad", but no drinks (of which they have one size).  My wife wanted the french dip, and I went for the Philly Cheesesteak.  They have children's menus with half sandwiches, so we got the boys grilled cheese and ham.  I wanted to try the salad, and the rest of the family had fries. The wait seemed long, though not as long as places like Chili's.  What was impressive was how my oldest with Autism took it: very calm, very relaxed.  My youngest wanted to run around, perhaps because there was so much free space to run.  Anyway, when the food did come, I was shocked.  The sandwiches were large.  The boys both had what looked like normal-sized sandwiches, at least if they were made with store-bought bread.  The rolls my wife and I had were large too, and stuffed full of filling.  The cheesesteak was not overly spicy, and perhaps even on the mild side, but very tasty.  Philly Cheesesteak and House Salad at Lanta's FrozoneBut what really surprised me was the house salad.  Most "house salads" are tired bits of Iceberg lettuce with a tomato and smothered in Ranch dressing.  Not at Lanta's.  No, you get a Spring Mix salad with candied almonds and berries with syrup with a vinaigrette and a cube of Feta cheese.  It was completely unexpected, and very delicious.  The lunch was so filling, in fact, that we didn't have room for any of the custard.  So we took a quart home and gave it a try.  I can definitely recommend the custard. So Lanta's Frozone is now definitely on my list of Autism-friendly places to go, at least when there are few people in the establishment.  I'm not sure how it would be completely packed, though I'm definitely willing to go back.  If only for the house salad, if nothing else. And I still haven't tried any of the soups.