The Triumph Bonneville

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2012 Triumph Bonneville, Stock BlackLast week I wrote about my experience riding my new motorcycle, the Triumph Bonneville. And then I was asked when I would be posting a picture. Well, I took the time this afternoon to take a picture after my ride.To date I have put almost 20 miles on my motorcycle, mostly because of a short window of time to ride. But so far I'm loving my bike. It rides well on the road, and shifts well. The clutch is very sensitive, which is taking some getting used to. But other than that, it's a great bike to ride.Something I've found in my learning to ride is the similarity to learning to drive a standard transmission. My revving of the Triumph accelerator harkens back to the revving I used to do with a stick shift. Hills make me nervous, as I haven't gotten the clutch control down pat, and I'm nervous when riding in traffic to this point for the same reason. But that being said, in the two days of little practice rides I have taken, I've found that I'm feeling more confident. Slowly but surely I'm working my way toward being a confident, experienced motorcyclist. It's a great feeling to ride down the road at 45 miles per hour with the wind whipping around you, even when your hair (or what little you have at any rate) is enclosed within a full face helmet. Right now my goal is to feel comfortable enough to ride my motorcycle to my last Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Beginners Riding Course for Saturday. This weekend we take our exams, both written and practical. If I test out on my own motorcycle, then I will have no size restrictions on my motorcycle endorsement from the Driver License Division. Here's hoping, anyway!